Do I Need A Concrete Pump?

A concrete pump is a fast and efficient way of delivering concrete, especially for difficult to reach areas that have restricted access. In addition, hiring a pump can save you time, money and manpower.

Should I hire a concrete pump?

But do you need to hire one? Well we've put together a quick guide to help you determine whether or not it would benefit your project.

How Difficult Is The Site To Access?

Sometimes it might simply be too difficult to get the readymix concrete truck close enough to the job site that requires a pour.

A concrete pump can help to overcome this issue. Barrowing the concrete mix to and from areas of the job site can cause problems, especially if the distance between the mixer and the area you're working on is too far apart (there is a risk of the mix curing if this is too big). In addition the labour cost of doing this might end up being more than simply hiring a pump to do the job.

Hiring a pump could prove more cost, time and labour effective and reduces the health and safety risk to you and your workforce as barrowing isn't typically required when pumping concrete.

Am I Restricted By Time?

Time is a valuable commodity to many construction projects and if, like many builders, you are working to a tight schedule, then hiring a concrete pump might prove to be the fastest and easiest solution to get the job completed in the time frame set.

Not only can it help to alleviate some of the time pressure from you and your team but can help save on costs and manpower.

Is My Manpower Restricted?

Its important to consider this when working with a small construction team (or even by yourself). For some larger domestic builds and even DIY jobs you might find that you do not have the labour to help barrow the concrete between the mixer and the construction area.

Hiring a concrete pump can help to eliminate this issue altogether, leaving you to focus on getting the rest of your build completed.

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