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We can offer readymix concrete for a variety of applications, including DIY, commercial, industrial and agricultural projects. 

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Residential/Commercial - Foundation Solutions

Unreinforced Foundations

A versatile, economical and durable concrete that is designed specifically for use in foundations

Unreinforced Concrete For Foundations

Reinforced Foundations

An economical, durable & versatile concrete designed with foundations & groundwork in mind that require reinforcement

Reinforced Concrete For Foundations

Residential/Commercial - Flooring Solutions

Concrete For Flooring

We can offer a range of unreinforced and reinforced concrete solutions for flooring.

Readymix Flooring 1

Readymix Flooring 2

Readymix Flooring 3

Readymix Flooring 4

Readymix Flooring 5

Residential/Commercial - Paving Solutions

Concrete For Paving

Readymix Paving is a strong and durable concrete that’s perfect for use in outdoor paved areas such as driveways, paths, patios, and pavements.

Readymix Paving

Concrete For Heavy Duty Paving

A high performance, heavy duty durable concrete mix that is ideal for paving, driveways & roads in commercial and industrial areas.

Readymix Paving HD

Agricultural Concrete Solutions - Storage

Concrete For Agricultural Storage

A high strength durable and load bearing concrete for use on internal concrete floors for general & specific storage requirements.

Readymix Multistore

Agricultural Concrete Solutions - Livestock

Concrete For Livestock housing

Hard wearing concrete designed to satisfy hygiene in agricultural livestock housing standards, including the Food Safety Act & Quality Assurance schemes

Readymix Stockfloor

Agricultural Concrete Solutions - Paving

Concrete For Farm Paving

High strength, durable concrete for use on external paved areas subjected to the constant loading & scraping imposed by farm vehicles & machinery.

Readymix Farmpave

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