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Farmyards and farm paving can take a lot of wear-and-tear from the usual daily foot and vehicle traffic it receives over the course of it's lifetime which is why its important to ensure you have the right concrete mix to meet the needs of the farm.

We offer a highly durable, strong concrete mix that is perfectly suited to external farm paving and farmyards. To find out more take a look at the applications we've selected below.

External Farm Paving

High strength concrete for use on external paved areas

External Paving

Farm Yard Concrete

Resists damage from frost & aggressive conditions found in a farm environment


We appreciate that getting the right concrete mix for your farm applications is important and we want to support you with any questions or concerns you might have.

With this in mind we can offer a range of frequently asked questions to help answer some of the questions you may have.

If you are unable to find the answer you're looking for our friendly staff are more than happy to support. Simply call us on 01788 517 300 or request a call back and we'll help in any way we can.

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FarmPave FAQs

Have a question about our FarmPave concrete? Check out our list of FAQs.

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