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Fibre Concrete

One of the more recent advances in concrete technology is the addition of fibres. For many domestic applications the most appropriate form of fibre is fine filament polypropylene.

Polypropylene fibre concrete contains thousands of individual fibres which are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during mixing. This creates a matrix-like structure that inhibits the formation of small cracks that are normally created during the curing stage. The benefits include long-term durability and toughness.

Using fibres can be very worthwhile when making any form of concrete slab, such as a path, drive, floor or vehicle standing area. Fibres are especially useful if there are any concerns about ground conditions, the quality of the sub-base or your ability to cure the concrete effectively.

For more details download the Polypropylene Fibre Datasheet.

More demanding applications might require the use of Advanced Polypropylene Concrete, which incorporates a mixture of different types of fibre. A datasheet on this product is also available. Download it here.

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